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Course Adventures

Code Creators Club

Dive into coding adventures! Our courses spark creativity and problem-solving skills in young innovators.

English Explorers

Join the club! Our courses build a love for language, empowering kids to express themselves confidently in English.

Future Leaders Hub

Shape future leaders! Our courses inspire teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging way.

Our Core Values

At Avocado, we believe every childʼs learning journey should be sprinkled with joy. Our platform is a safe space where curiosity blooms and creativity soars. Weʼre dedicated to nurturing young minds with engaging courses that spark a lifelong love for learning. Join our community of happy learners!


Avocado’s Programming course sparked my son Max’s passion for technology. The engaging content has made learning fun and impactful.
Avocado’s Future Leaders Hub has been incredible for my son, Ahmed. The courses instilled teamwork and leadership skills in a positive learning environment. Thank you, Avocado!
The English Explorers Club at Avocado transformed language learning for my daughter, Amina. The interactive lessons and positive environment are exceptional.

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